Our Story

Four Generations

Exeter Produce is recognized as a leader in the fresh produce industry. With quality products and excellent customer service, Exeter Produce aims to not only meet, but surpass the expectations of our valued customers.

  • 1951

    Exeter Produce is Founded

    Our First Step

    Initially we grew Rutabagas for the North American market.

    a delicious Rutabaga a number of delicious Rutabagas delicious Rutabagas being pulled out of the ground

    Rutabaga is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. Also called a Swedish Turnip or a "Swede", it is very high in iron, and easy to prepare.

  • 1961

    Expansion and Growth

    Significant Growth in Huron County

    Throughout the early 60's, an aggressive growth plan allowed us to acquire 2,800 acres of prime agricultural farm land in Huron County and expand our product offering to our current menu today.

    a beautiful green field of cabbages
    • Rutabagas, Washed, Waxed
    • Carrots, Beans, Peppers and Cabbage
    • Washed, Sorted, Boxed or Bagged On Site
    • Shipped to Market

    We've been growing 4 different varieties of cabbage for over 50 years at Exeter Produce

  • 2002

    Technological Growth

    Strategic Investment In Technology Spurs Development

    In addition to adding a 22 acre hydroponic greenhouse facility in Exeter, Ontario, we continue to invest in significant technology and software upgrades, recognizing the benefits to quality, consistency and waste management that come from updates to our systems and technologies.

    • GPS Planting Technology
    • Exacting Waste Free Fertilization
    • Remote Connectivity With Equipment
    • Field Labour Productivity Software
    an overhead shot of a 22 acre greenhouse in Exeter

    We welcome other quality growing operations who meet VeriFine standards to partner with us. Four generations of experience offers growers a reliable partner that can help meet growing demand locally and globally.

  • 2024

    Today and Beyond

    Premium Quality Produce

    Supplying Canada, Northeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, the Exeter Produce Family is committed to providing consistent, high quality, delicious produce. If you see the Veri-Fine Brand, you know you can trust the taste, our history ensures it.



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What's Happening at Exeter Produce

Remember the Reason for the Season

Remember the Reason for the Season

We would like to thank all those who supported us during the past season in these challenging times. We look forward to continuing to feed North America in 2022. Please view our new Rutabaga Recipes under the Recipe Page under Produce .
Happy Holidays from everyone at Exeter Produce
--The Team

Want to get creative with produce?

Elf makes a snowman
Elf doesn’t need snow to make a snowman! A few veggies will do just fine. Here’s what you’ll need to help your Elf make a veggie snowman: three small rutabagas, the top of a bell pepper, two cranberries, the end of a carrot or a baby carrot, and two celery sticks.

Begin by assembling the body. Use skewers to stack and hold the turnips in place. Attach the eyes, nose, and arms with skewers or toothpicks. Set the bell pepper hat on top. Sprinkle coconut flakes around the base of the snowman to create “snow.”

Check out our QR Code !

Check out our QR Code !

We now apply the QR code to our Rutabagas! Find one of our rutabagas in your local grocery retailer and scan the QR code to check out our latest recipe suggestions!

We recently began to offer recipe options to help you find your favourite take on the Rutabaga!

We introduced a recipe page to our website to show others the recipes we enjoy here at Exeter Produce.

Please check out the "recipe" page under the "Produce" drop down menu on the top of the home page. We will suggest different recipes for all the different commodities throughout the year -- currently focusing on the Rutabaga for the holiday season.

The Newest Addition To Our Team!

The Newest Addition To Our Team!

Introducing Dominic , the newest member of our team here at Exeter Produce . He wishes you a Happy Holiday and New Year as he is very excited for his first Christmas!

“Why try to explain miracles to our children when we can have them plant a garden.”

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Located in Southwestern Ontario, Exeter Produce is a grower and packer with over six decades of food handling experience.

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