Big things are happening at Exeter Produce

no till air seeder, air drill.

Travelers along Huron County's back roads can't help but notice there is some pretty impressive looking equipment on our fields these days.

Our latest investment has been in acquiring a John Deere no-till air seeder that places seed precisely where it needs to go by means of an air drill that does not disturb the soil the way traditional farming has done in past.  

As a leading agricultural innovator, Exeter Produce continues investing in sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies to show that “green practices” can be profitable. This modern piece of equipment has heavy-duty cast openers and closers providing reliability, uniformity and depth even in the harshest no till conditions. The air drill has blockage sensors which maintains the seed flow rate and ensures no stoppage or costly bare spots are left in the field as a result of plugged planter lines. This precision tool is designed to increase acreage yield, and is considered 40% more efficient than previous models.

As stewards of the land, a solid investment decision needs to factor in our geological footprint, as well as the cost of new machinery.  We also have to consider the impact on yield quality and environmental sustainability. Our investment in each new tool is intended to continue making measurable improvements in the food we produce, and the land from which it comes.

John deer air drill seeder at Exeter Produce