Crop Updates

Tuesday June 27 2017
The Cabbage harvest has started as planned on Monday June 26, quality is looking absolutely exceptional. We are very eager to see all of our cabbage varieties becoming available in the upcoming weeks. Picking volumes should also continue to increase with favorable weather and sunshine.

    Wednesday June 21, 2017

    As weather conditions continue to improve in Southwestern Ontario, we are greatly anticipating an excellent season. Theoretically based on our projections we expect to see harvesting begin with cabbage sometime between Monday June 26th and Thursday June 29th. Green beans should then begin approximately one week later, as early as Thursday July 6th. Following the green bean we should then see pepper production begin around July 15th starting with crown picks, bringing with it big beautifull fruit. our favourite.


    Tuesday June 13, 2017

     Our youngest cabbage heads are safely in the ground, and the oldest starting to look excellent. with the exception of a few acres we are all but done planting for the 2017 season.


    Thursday June 8, 2017

    Off to an excellent start, almost all of our plantings are in the ground, except for cabbage which is due to be planted next week. Everyone is working towards a great season at Exeter produce, and we are now eagerly awaiting some of our first field picks

    Thursday June 1, 2017

    Excellent uniformity and emergence has been observed despite heavy rains and strong wind in the forecast of late. Things are looking great for our upcoming summer season. Many new implements are being used this year and the difference is being noticed already. As technology advances crop quality improves greatly. We as operators are able to be much more delicate on the land, and with the young plants as we are working with them.